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what the fuck is all this what the fuck
it's been 3 years since i made this shit
i cannot believe
Alrighty c: I made my new account :iconthemazzard: That's where I'll be posting from now on.


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popkool Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Nice icon~
TheMazzard Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
The sound of the doors opening was loud, echoing through the large building. Kankri certainly heard it, quickly sitting back upright. Oh. Oh, beautiful, another survivor, or at least he assumed so, since he did not believe that the undead had the ability to open doors. By now, he knew better than to assume that strangers didn't have a malicious intent. There were all kinds of people out there, cannibals, people who would just kill others to take their possessions, people who just preferred to kill than talk, that would rather have him dead than alive. He tried to keep his curiosity at bay, standing and wincing slightly at the squeaking sound the chair made. He attempted to mentally reassure himself that no one would be able to hear it, while walking to the door and staying light on his feet. It was already locked, though he did spend a few seconds deciding whether it would be better to unlock it, (since of course the lock could just cause the idea that there was something valuable hidden behind the door, which would cause them to want in) before deciding to leave it as it was. Though he did pick up his weapon that was leaning against a wall, which was a long, sturdy metal pipe. Even had a faucet attached to it on the end. It was light enough, and had done rather well as a weapon in the past. While he hoped that whoever had entered was not hostile in the first place, it certainly did not help to be cautious. 
TheMazzard Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Anyway, have you ever thought about the Alpha Ancestors? I briefly brought this up yesterday, with no replies, really, due to other's not having any information or thoughts on the topic. My, I could just go on a decent length rant about my headcanon, one that would surly take up a lot of space in the chat, even though that is no longer required or requested. I typed this, damnit, I'll post it. Now, if you are reading this, whoever you are, and are not aware of the Ancestors, and are simultaneously offended or otherwise triggered by spoilers, I would suggest you quit reading now. But if you are otherwise, please, keep reading my text. So, Ancestors, as we know, are the post-scratch version of the Alpha trolls. (Note: If you are one of those people who believe the 'alpha' trolls are Karkat, Aradia, Tavros, Sollux, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska, Equius, Eridan, and Feferi, then the ancestors would be the post-scratch version of the beta trolls to you) We are also aware that there are post-scratch version of the alpha kids, those being Rose's mother, Dave's Bro, Jade's grandfather, and John's grandmother. As well, the Alpha kids have guardians of their own, those being the pre-scratch version of the Beta kids, and I apologize if I used the incorrect 

terms to explain them. term to explain them. So, this obviously shows a connection. Rose goes to Roxy's mother just as Dave goes to Dirk's Bro. Rose: Roxy's mom. Dave: Dirk's bro. And, this pattern seems to be observed in trolls as well. Kankri: The Signless. Gamzee: The Grand Highblood. But, ah, then, what does Karkat go to? Karkat:? There is no blatant answer in the comic that pre-scratch versions of the beta trolls would be the Alpha's Ancestors, but one can only assume, based on what is happening with the kids. Now, this can not affect the comic, really, either way, or at least it would seem. But, it is so fun to think about, especially in the case of Kankri's ancestor, though it could admittedly be an exception and not exist at all. I find that it would be most fitting for a Vantas to break the rule anyway, due to their blood, which as we know is a mutation. But, anyway. Either way, there is the possibility that he would exist. My thinking is that there is no way that he could ever lead a rebellion, based on the fact that, one, it would seem like less of a demand on Beforus, due to the fact that their society was, from what I have gathered, far less brutal than the one on Alternia, and also because, in least I think, that he would not have those visions of Karkat and everone else in his group working together, like how the Signless had visions of when the pre-scratch trolls were working together in the game. My reason for thinking this is because Karkat's godtier was the Knight of Blood

Knight does not necessarily have anything to do with seeing, like a Seer does. Kankri was the Seer of Blood, and while he never went Godtier (probably anyway), I believe the title still remains. This is why I believe the Signless had his visions. The pairing of the mutant blood and the Seer title, which also makes me believe that the title of a person caries on and remains, even if they do not even have the possibility to go godtier. So, Kankri's ancestor was more likely than not just another troll, or at least not a rebellious leader, therefor making him nothing worth mentioning. I am tired of typing, my fingers hurt.
IrkenInvaderMaz Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist
Stranger: Hello, this is Andrew Hussie
You: Oh.
You: Oh my God.
You: My Lord.
You: How can I serve you?
Stranger: Yes
You: How may I please you?
Stranger: You must slaughter all the non-Homestuck fans. Even the children
You: But... may I at least tempt to convert them first, my lord?
Stranger: No, slaughter all of them. Except three of your choosing
You: Ah... alright, my lord. I will do as you say.
Animals are safe from the wrath, though, correct?
Stranger: Indeed
You: Alright. Thank you. I will set off on my mission in the morning.
I attend a school full of the nonbelievers. You shall see my progress in the morning news.
Stranger: Good. Also, I will be sending you a smaller version if The Warhammer of Zillywhoo. Smash all of the non-believers computer's
Stranger: *of
You: I will, my lord. Thank you very much. Should I return the gift after I am done, or will you be so kind enough as to let me keep it?
Stranger: Keep it
You: Oh, thank you Hussie. I shall pray to you before I sleep tonight.
Stranger: Also, I will be finishing Homestuck this weekend
You: ...ah... Alright. I will not complain. But, then, wouldn't it be better to start the punishment of the nonbelievers right when the last animation comes out? A sort of last huzzah?
Stranger: Of course
You: Alright. I will, my Huss. Any more orders for me? Should I do something specific with the bodies? Maybe the blood?
Stranger: Dye their blood the colours of the Hemospectrum
You: I will. Any further directions, my lord?
Stranger: Yes. Kill Bob Dylan in a painful death.
You: I will my Lord. I will find a way.
Stranger: Good, now. I must bid you a farewell. Also, I'm not the Huss, I am Jack Noir
IrkenInvaderMaz Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist
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Invader-Neo Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hello. This is just a little note to let you know I still come to your page almost everyday out of habit just to soothe my mind that you'll be there when I look. And also, I love you dear, never forget that. ^^
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Invader-Neo Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer


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